About Us

About The company

Here at Delight Service Limited, we know that meeting the challenges facing health and social care systems requires different and better ways of working. With growing demands on services than ever before.

Delight services is a one stop shop that offers a range of services tailored to individual demands and needs of our clients which is committed to providing high quality care to our clients towards meeting their needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With our trained and committed staff we will work with other health care professionals to ensure that the quality of care that you get is consistent and constantly reviewed. It is important to us that you get the service and care that meets your needs at all times.

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Be part of our dynamic team:

We recruit to retain because of the training and confidence we instil in our staff. We provide flexibility in terms of shifts and other individual needs that would suit our employees.

Delight Services Limited is for you if you possess the commitment and passion for work we would do the rest. Our organisation will recruit, vet and train and give you the choice to take one of our services in health care, social care, cleaning, IT, delivery or security. If you are one of those determined to be at your best in delivery any of our services then our doors are open to you. As our organisation expands we aim to give to open up career opportunities to anyone with the determination to be part of our desire to provide high quality services.

Why Choose Us?

To our clients we would:

  • Ensure you get high standard service
  • Offer cheap and affordable prices you may struggle to find anywhere else.
  • Offer discounts for your loyalty to us
  • Ensure your feedback is treated with the utmost respect and attention

To our staff we would:

  • Offer excellent pay rates
  • Offer flexible and unlimited shifts patterns
  • Offer professional training, guidance and support as appropriate
  • Offer career opportunities and development
  • Offer flexibility to become permanent.
  • Offer team bonding activities

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