Social Care Services

We provide escort transport services to vulnerable children and adults including those with learning difficulties. Our transport and escort staff are professionally trained and vetted.They will pick up and accompany vulnerable children and adults to their respective destinations.Our staff are friendly, approachable and humble.

We provide Children and Adult Social Care Services. Our Social Care staffs are professionally trained, dedicated and compassionate towards supporting children and younger adults assessed to be in need of support at home and residential placements.

We provide round the clock care to vulnerable adults diagnosed with dementia and other conditions impacting on their daily independent capabilities and in need of support. We render palliative care, domiciliary services through support living services, escort services etc. Our care services are rendered with humility, selflessness, tolerance and commitment.

Our Social Workers are trained and possess a wealth of experience in completing various types of good standard assessments within required framework and timescales. Our undertake Children and Adult Services assessments for Local Authorities including Court directed assessments.

We provide highly skilled and dedicated professionals social care staffs who provide quality Care services to vulnerable adults and children in need of support. We have recruited:

Our Social Care staffs provide 24/7 compassionate one to one support service in both public and private settings including:

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