The health care I receive from each and every one of the staffs that walk through my door has been good. They are polite, presentable and they work so hard. As soon as I get a knock on my door and a worker from Delight Services walks in, it puts a smile on my face. They are usually on time and the nurses and care workers have been very very helpful in administering my medication. I certainly recommend Delight Services Limited to anyone in need of health services at home.


I have had a number of home care agencies since my sickness made me become home bound. I have had different support workers at my home. Some have been good and others not so good. However, since my Social Worker and I agreed to subscribe me with Delight Services, I have once again been having fantastic services. The support workers I hav e been getting have all been good. They do not appear to work just for the money but because they really care. Even my family members who sometimes visit me have made exactly the same observations. They help me with domestic chores including cleaning, washing up, cooking, laundry etc. The support workers accompany me to appointments, leisure centres and other places. I get the services I need.


I needed someone reliable to help with cleaning my business premises. I am getting the quality of cleaning I wanted. The prices paid for the service are unbelievably cheap. I certainly advice the company to step up with their publicity because people pay a fortune for poor cleaning.


We currently employ two Software Test Analyst provided to us by Delight Services Limited. They have been doing their job with diligence. Since joining our company the testers have identified numerous defects on our software systems which have now been fixed and made significant improvement to our brand. We are hoping to employ another software tester soon.


I use the Courier service provided by Delights Services Limited and they are very reliable.

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